Avenue D

Bootys Made For Walking



Everyone’s got an Avenue D dream. Mine’s the Super Bowl halftime show: Debbie D and Daphne D, the chicks behind New York electroclash’s dastardly duo, jump onstage and perform hits like “Stick It In!!!” and “Donkey Punch.” Without either D so much as popping a button, Peoria slides into chaos as middle America crawls over its Bibles to get to the heart medication and guns.


Avenue D is ’clash’s simultaneous answer to both 2 Live Crew and Camille Paglia -- Miami-bass, club-kid feminists who’d probably reject that label unless it were getting them some hot sensitive-guy action. What started as Debbie and Daphne’s little joke, put together for a one-time “audition” gig looking for white-girl rappers, exploded when scene svengali Larry Tee fixated on the duo. Subsequently, everyone from Kings of Convenience singer Erlend Oye to Boy George -- the Culture cad single-handedly made their track “Do I Look Like a Slut” a London club hit -- became fanatical Avenue D patrons. (Not to mention basically all of gay New York: “They appreciate our crassness,” Avenue D told Attitude magazine.)


Bootleg, the duo’s eight-song collection, shows why celebs and club kids alike raise Avenue D’s booty banner. The pair has the kind of simplistic flow and lyrics that, were the sexes reversed, would make critics cringe -- “St. Ides, High Life, Corona / what good is it if you can’t pop a boner / I don’t care if you can’t come / but it better be hard until I’m done” (“2D2F”) -- backed by booty-funk electro vibes that far surpass most bedroom-eyed modern electro.

Avenue D, Black Moustache, and DJ Phiiliip perform at 7 p.m. Fri., April 16. The Andy Warhol Museum, North Side. 412-237-8300.